Artist Statement


My artistic practice includes deep conversations on identity, race, power, boundaries and human physicality and behavior. Memories and music inspire my work. The movement is developed from a foundation of broad ideas leading to accepting and exploring themes and intersections. Further development at Mass College of Art and Design has infused conceptual approaches in my artistic practice. I like to use self-imposed rules to create structure for my work. 

I create intimate relationships with audiences by setting them physically closer to the performance space and by inviting them to be physically active and more engaged. For example, my piece titled “A Piece of Meat” was performed at my house with my kitchen as the performance space. The audience members were invited to sit and watch, quasi-blindfolded (the blindfolds had one small hole to peek out on one side.) They were served wine and dinner as I performed a nude performance on an oiled butcher-block table. The performance was simultaneously streamed in a gallery in Iowa as part of a Performance Festival.

I approach my work experimentally by combining physical materials and technology, and then engaging the audience. The most exciting element personally is the varied range in audience response. However, this element derives from setting up structures through which each performance can unfold in real time, aiming to inspire the audiences to communicate both with me and with each other.

Violence and humor often show up in my work. Art is a place where violence can exist in a benevolent way. It can be a means to explore and express the dark places inside all of us. Often, what I do in my work is what I am afraid of doing in real life. I want to mirror and raise awareness to what is happening in the world around us by observing and gauging responses and then using art to show the absurdity of some of the behaviors, stereotypes, and relationships in society.

Jimena Bermejo Artist Statement