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Car Ride - A Work In Progress

car ride by jimena bermejo

I'll be performing a work in progress, Car Ride, at the SOM Dance Festival in Somerville.

Time:  8:30pm

Location:  Foss Park - Broadway & Fellsway W. Somerville, MA

Car Ride is a site-specific work for a car that can be performed in any driveway or parking garage.

This is an excerpt of a full evening movement and performance site-specific work for a car and four performers: the driver and three others. The piece will happen eight times during the day, each time starting in a parked car and traveling in the same car along a previously mapped out route. One audience member participates in the piece while inside the car; outside audience members will have a few participation options. The performance includes choreographed movement in and out of the car, and exchanges with the audience that include games like karaoke and conversation.

Choreographer:  Jimena Bermejo

Dancers:  Joradn Jamil Ahmed, Claire Johannes and Audrey MacLean

For more information, click here:  Somerville Arts Council